It’s all getting very exciting as we head towards Focus Weekend, we have something like 40 Damboree Events that weekend across the country. We’re also very excited that Scouting Radio will be broadcasting shows across the weekend and we’re encouraging all those with Beavers camping that weekend, Damboree events or not, to get in touch through their facebook page.

The Damboree Half-way Point

As we head into Focus Weekend, it marks the half way point of Damboree 2019, it’s useful to look at the numbers as they stand for the moment. We’ve shipped around:

3500 Blue Badges
1800 Green Badges
1500 Silver Badges

This means that over 5000 Cubs and Beavers have taken, or are about to take, part in Damboree events supported by 1500 supports. These numbers are great for a mid-way point in a sequel.

2019 Charity Raffle and Auction

Last year we raised £100 for DePaul & Shelterbox when we auctioned a 2018 framed set of Badges. One of the feedbacks from the auction was that some of our Damboree community wanted the opportunity to win a set without competing in an auction. We’ve listened to that feedback and we’re pleased to announce that from Gilwell Reunion we will open up our 2019 charity fundraiser. The Frames have been bought, and Crayons will be desigining the inserts that will mount the 2019 Collection of badges, which this year totals 7 badges:

Once we have the frames ready to roll, we’ll share the images of finished article. We’ll also be on the lookout for raffle prizes to offer more than just a badge set, but most importantly the Active Support Unit discussed who we’d like to raise money for this year. After a brief discussion we picked DePaul for the second year, and ToiletTwinning.

Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

At Depaul UK we empower young people experiencing homelessness. We provide emergency accommodation, supported housing and other services to help people rebuild their lives.

Toilet Twinning enables families living in poverty to have lifesaving loos.
Twin your toilet and help flush away the world’s toilet troubles .

We hope to raise enough to donate to DePaul and sponsor a couple of toilets.

We’ve now secured a license to run the raffle, alongside the auction, which will run from Reunion to the end of November, to ensure all the prizes will be with the winners and the donations made in time for Christmas. If you would like to donate anything to the raffle pool of prizes, please get in touch.