The first print run of Blues (500) and Silverr(100) have now shipped,  which was the initial run of Damboree Badges. Our Badge Partner Karuna Badges has sourced the next run and they will start to ship once they have arrived.

We’re whelmed by the interest, with over 60 orders placed for over 1700 badges, which translates to, currently, 1400 Beavers set to earn their Damboree Badge, by their leaders getting them under canvas, and camping. #Awesome

The Damboree Team would like to re-iterate our profound pleasure at how this mad-cap idea is rolling along. What started as a “Big Mouth Bravado” statement from Andy Sissions, has really captured the imagination of so many supporters, not just the leaders, but supporting GSLs, District Commissioners, County Commissioners and the Nights Away Assessors.

You could do this without us, we could not be doing this without you, and your immense support. #Thanksitsallveryhumbling

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