Framed set of Damboree 2018 Badges

As previously hinted at in our recent news post, we’re auctioning for charity a framed set of 2018 Damboree badges…

The framed set comes with Damboree 2018 Blue, Silver and Gold badges that are available to participants in this years first Damboree, which was, as many of you know,  started to promote getting Beavers camping in tents.

As with all firsts, you’re never quite sure how successful you’ll be, and with around 15,000 participants, young and old alike, the first Damboree adventure is an amazing success story.

We as a team are acutely aware, certainly in our home District of Milton Keynes, that the number of homeless in tents is on the increase, so we decided to contribute something to those charities who work in areas of supporting those who are in tents, for whatever reason, and shouldn’t be.

This is a one time opportunity to own a piece of Scouting history, as  only 300 of the 2018 Gold badges have been produced, for this first Damboree, and the only ways you could get them was to get your camping permit, become a Nights Away Advisor, or been Tim Kidd, the UK Chief Commissioner.

We will include a signed Certificate of Authenticity with the frame.

For those that would simply like to donate in support of our fundraising efforts for DePaul and  Shelterbox you can add an amount amount to donate in the box below and add that to your basket and checkout in the normal manner.

All donations, less transaction fees, will be divided equally between the two charities.


The Damboree Team would like to thank all the Beavers, Leaders, Assessors, Supporters, Parent Volunteers, Social Media Sharers, our Badge Partners Karuna Badges, Scout Radio, Commissioners at all levels and anybody else who has been involved in supporting Damboree 2018 in some way shape or form, as we look forwards to a more intents 2019.