As winter turns into Spring, and Damboree event planning is well underway, it is with great excitement we’re able to now start taking badge orders for the 2019 Damboree, due to arrive with our Northern Warehouse towards the end of March, we will be shipping badges from very early in April, after they have arrived and been checked into stock.

To that end I’d like to present the full set of badges available for purchase this year:

The initial runs for badges are:

Beavers – 5000
Cubs – 4000
Silver – 2500
Gold – 300
Blanket – 300

We’ve changed the arrangement with Karuna Badges this year, and the Damboree Team will be taking payment directly, and we’ll be responsible for shipping to end customers, now that we have an idea of the scale, we’re able to manage the logistics ourselves more directly, which also allows Karuna to focus on their core business too, of making & selling their own badges

Golds will follow the new validation process, whereby the recipient uploads copies of screenshots from compass to confirm their entitlement for a Gold Badge.

Whilst there is more merchandise and badges on offer this year, we’re also keen to keep Damboree affordable to ensure that everyone can have an affordable memento of their 2019 Damboree experience, but also offer something that continues as they progress through their Scouting career with a common Damboree identifier, such as the participation necker & necker badge.

Everything is optional, the most important thing to the Damboree Team is that as many young people have an annual camping experience, and that many more leaders gain the confidence to take young people camping.

We really look forwards to coming out and seeing some Damboree Events this year too…