We’re constantly in awe of the things leaders do for their young people, and Damboree events have been going on throughout May, since we last wrote something on our website. So we’re going to share with you some of the amazing photos and journeys that have happened so far

Aerial Photo Credit: Duncan Phillips(Knowle Top Studios) & Whalley Scout Group

One of the badge criteria is to make the word Damboree out of natural materials, the ingenuity is evident in the photo gallery below:

These are some of the photos have been shared with our two support groups on Facebook, many more have been shared by those who have Damboree camped so far this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing many more as we head towards Focus Weekend, and onward into the Summer and the rest of 2019

One thing we’ve been really pleased with is the link-up with our British Scouting Overseas colleagues, and they have shared a few photos with us from their District Camp in Belgium, which included members from all over the Northern Europe, and we’re anticipating some fab pics from BSO colleagues in Malaysia later this year.

British Scouting Overseas District Camp

We have seen some Gold applications come through, which is very rewarding to see., including an Nights Away Adviser permit! Which we don’t see many of.

Our Active Support Unit is coming together nicely, and we now have our own unit colours. We’re here to help you Damboree, and support The Nights Away Scheme in your area, for more information https://damboree.camp/asu. Behind the scenes we’ve been sorting out badge shipments, shuffling the website onto a new server, visiting Damboree events.

If you would like to see if your Group/District/County has registered, we’ve put a table up that shows the registrations without any of the contact information, this can be found here, we’ll be looking at automating some of the charts for Commissioners who take an interest in participation levels for their Districts, Areas, Counties, Regions etc