Heavens only knows why Office365 marked this one as junk, given it was a reply to a mail I’d sent, anyhoo…Some kind words from one of our nominated Charities.

Hello Stuart,

Happy New Year to you too! I hope you’ve enjoyed the first weeks of 2019 so far.

Thank-you for being so efficient and getting the donation to us before Christmas.

I’ve had a read of your website and it’s clear the Damboree project has been a real success. In my (maybe biased!) opinion the generosity of giving to charity alongside the event makes it even better. Here at Depaul UK we always love hearing about a fundraising event which is unusual and thinks outside the box; by keeping with the theme of tents and auctioning the badges for those struggling with homelessness you certainly did that.  

Thank-you for choosing Depaul UK and spreading the word about our work with the wider Scouting community. As Depaul UK’s focus is helping young people out of homelessness, it’s an added bonus when people in close proximity with the age group find out about us. If a young person finds themselves in a vulnerable position, it’s great if they know where they can go for a helping hand. If you do get a chance to mention our work in any Scouting media and interviews that would be great!

If you or any colleagues would like to know more about our services and what we do, I’d be happy to answer any questions and give an overview. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or pass on my contact details.

Many thanks,
Marie-Claire Acton
Community Fundraiser for London & the South East
Depaul UK