2019 Charity Raffle Winners

Tonight we live streamed the draw for the Charity Raffle, which sold well over 100 tickets. Current Front Man Stuart was ably assisted by his daughters Jessica and Jemma, and all three were banished to the Box Room, now known…

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The 2019 Gold Rush!

One interesting thing Current Front Man, Stuart, has to do is produce stats. He likes producing stats. He also likes talking about himself in third person, but we digress. In theory Nights Away Permits, Gold Badges, should be a Law…

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5 weeks to Focus Weekend – Roundup

We’re constantly in awe of the things leaders do for their young people, and Damboree events have been going on throughout May, since we last wrote something on our website. So we’re going to share with you some of the…

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Neckers & Woggles!

We’re not going to get into the Scarf vs Necker Vs Neckie, vs Overly-Colourful-Emergency-Spare-Triangular-Bandage discussion, but what we can do is show you the latest offering from OneStop Scouting

1st Crookham Beavers Spring Camp Damboree

So, we thought ‘lets do a two night camp, how hard can it be, and the second night is supposed to be easier’ (so everyone says). Planning started, dates were set.
Then it dawned on us….