We decided last year to auction off a set of badges for charity, and Shelterbox & DePaul both had a nice donation made to them as a result of an international bidding war, and the badge set flew out to the USA to a very generous Scouter.

This year we are auctioning and raffliing a set of badges (one for each) to raise money for Toilet Twinning & DePaul. The Auction will from Reunion to the end of November, to allow shipment & donations to be made in time for Christmas.

We’re hoping to twin a number of toilets as part of our fundraising this year, because clean water and waste management is important everywhere, not just for GreenField campsites.
” When you twin, we’ll send you a certificate to hang in your loo – showing a photograph of your overseas toilet twin and GPS coordinates so you can look up your twin’s location on Google Maps!”

” No young person should have to sleep rough or stay in an unsafe place. Depaul works in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities, looking to prevent homelessness and provide support to vulnerable young people at every step of their journey. ”


Our badges are produced by our badge partner Karuna Badges