Since we opened the register of interest for Damboree 2019, we’ve been very pleased with the response, particularly from the Cubs. So I thought I’d share what the registration forms are telling us at the moment. We now have over 4000 young people looking forwards to their Damboree events

1486 Cubs (36%)
2577 Beavers (64%)

The first observation is that out Scottish Office has been getting the message out, Aberdeen District has the most events being planned (19).

Meanwhile south of the border Lincolnshire has 9 events, followed by Hereford & Worcester and then Hampshire.

Wales have 12 events so far, but sadly we don’t have Northern Ireland in the loop yet.

Internationally we’ve had our first registration of interest. Once again our British Scouting Overseas colleagues in Kuala Lumpur will be joining in with Damboree, we’ve even had interest from New Zealand!
We’re aiming to release any updates to the Beaver  badge critera, and the all new Cubs badge criteria by the end of October