As promised we’ve not forgotten the Turquoise Ninja Army, and their badge criteria. Although posting slightly later than we’d hoped, due to Stuart attending the District Appointments Advisory Committee, news on that to follow later on this month.

Anyhoo on with important stuffs….

In line with the Cubs Damboree badge naming, in 2019 the Beaver Blue Badge is now the Damboree Turquoise Badge, and the criteria have been updated slightly, and jiggered about a bit for consistency, but nothing significantly different. The logic being that with leader retention & turnover, and Beavers joining cubs in quick succession, keeping the Turquoise badge consistent and straightforward makes it easier for Nights Away Advisors, and other supporters to help a Beaver leader get their Campsite Nights Away Permit, and Beavers confidently in tents.

We’re really looking forwards to seeing a new cohort of Beaver Leaders getting their campsite permits, and seeing those that got Gold in 2018 putting their permits to ex-tent-sive use in 2019.

You can register your interest in our 2019 event using the form below. Remember, pictures or it didn’t happen!

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