We’re very excited to announce the badge requirements for the Emerald Badge, for Cubs, as they join in the excitement of Damboree in 2019.

Carefully chosen to encourage, engage and challenge Cubs, and their leaders, by new members of the Damboree Team, Leigh P. and Ang H. We hope they will inspire you to plan your Damboree eventfor 2019, and maybe join in with your Beaver friends.

Below you will find the detailed breakdown of requirements, we’ve also updated and clarified some of the adult badges, Silvers and Golds too.

We hope this will now help you plan your Damboree events in 2019, as we encourage more leaders to take out Nights Away Campsite permits and get #EveryoneinTents

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A Damboree Passport will be released for download in early 2019, as part of the Damboree Support Kit.

If you haven’t yet registered your interest in joining in with Damboree, please use the registration form below.

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