The Damboree Team has been slowly waking form it’s winter slumber, as we ready ourselves to put in the order for the first tranche of badges with our badge partner, which is based on the registration numbers.

Our resident number cruncher did a cleanse of the registrations last night to update his stats pack, and here is the latest cut of stats, and they are massively encouraging.

There are 283 events registered, and as best as we can, we’ve removed any duplication of registrations to give as accurate a view of the stats as possible:

By Nation

Region# Cubs# Beavers
Grand Total36694555

The numbers from our British Scouting Overseas colleagues shows that Damboree has no borders. We’re really happy that the involvement of 2nd Kuala Lumpur in 2019 is now spreading to other groups in Kuala Lumpur, and other districts that are part of BSO.

By Region

RegionOverall ## Cubs# Beavers
South East1280406874
South West1094577517
East of England821348473
North West841436405
East Midlands687300387
North East584246338
West Midlands775440335
Greater London403254149
British Scouting Overseas22213686
South Wales454161293
North Wales1284583
Grand Total822436694555

Top 10 Counties

There was intense internal competition between Meerkat and Badger last year as Kent and Hampshire, vied for top spot…

County# Events in County# Participants
West Lancashire5359
Hereford & Worcester14347
East 5254
Gt. London South1249

118 New Campsite Permits

From the registrations there will be 118 assessments required, as 118 leaders will be using Damboree to get their Campsite Permit, which is just inspiring.
For those going for Gold this year, make sure you contact your District Nights Away people to ensure they advise and support you and your GSL to maximise the likelihood you will pass your assessment.

Other Comments and Feedback

The registration form also allowed people to comment:

We did the DAMBOREE last year and loved it! Already planning next years?

Got my permit with Damboree last year! Currently to be used alongside annual skills camp – but will do all beaver / cub requirements. Not sure yet / but may use for another leader/s to gain their permits.

Until recently we had a local rule preventing Beavers camping….I am on a mission (as DESC – we have no ADC Beavers) to get everyone in out district camping…

I am a GSL who wants to be able to support his two beaver colonies in hopefully achieving a damboree next year. Just looking for the newsletter and information surrounding it!

Love that it’s being extended to Cubs!
As Cub Leader I got my permit this year with Damboree (our Beaver Leader already has her permit) so GUTTED that I’ll miss out on a gold twice!

2018 was a huge success, let’s make 2019 bigger and better!!

We really enjoyed earning our badges this year and are thrilled the Damboree looks set to become an annual event!

Responses to the Comments & Feedback

We’re really grateful for the many kind words expressed about Damboree in the registration form, but also from the reviews on our Facebook Page.

It’s evident from the registrations and feedback that we can provide more information to those who want to Damboree, and increase the number of FAQs that answer a number of the questions raised.

There are also a number of individuals that we’ll contact to see if we can provide, through our network of Nights Away Adviser contacts, additional support. Until the Active Support Unit is up and running.