As we head into the Summer break, now the dust has settled after Focus Weekend, it’s time to catch up on some of the boring bits before the Milton Keynes District AGM in September (We’re an Active Support Unit hosted from within MK District after-all), and prep some numbers for the information packs we’ll have available from our stand at Gilwell Reunion.

So, we did a stats pull from 2019 registration form last night, tidied up the data (we’re making it better for 2020 registrations) and this is where we’re at, for a given margin for error.

Cubs vs Beavers by Country

What this chart doesn’t say is we have also had participation from Canada & Ireland alongside the British Scouting Overseas participation which we are super please to be able to support, and encourage, with Damboree.

We hope to expand that engagement in 2020 and beyond, so if you are part of an Overseas Scouting Organisation and want to get involved with promoting Damboree with your own Scouting Organisation, drop us a carrier pigeon.

By Region

The breakdown by Region shows that there is a broad spread of participation across Great Britain & British Scouting Overseas

By County

Some Counties have run their own County Dambroee Events, and promoted Damboree as a way to encourage Campsite Permits, and get their members out into tents. This has resulted in some quite high levels of county participation.

Top Districts by Total Campers

With nearly 1000 Districts across the UK, it’s always interesting to see where the larger events and smaller Group/Section events impact the numbers of young people out in tents as part of Damboree

Silvers – The Thank You’s!

Damboree events don’t happen without support from a wide variety of helpers such as parents, other section leaders, group supporters, Young Leaders, Explorers, instructors, assessors.

Based on our Silver over 2100 people have been thanked on behalf of more than 7000 participants (based on badge sales), which is just amazingly awesome, because it’s one thing to take your own children camping, but enabling other children to go camping and get those all important nights away experiences.

Golds! – You’re Indestructible!

I make no apologies for the Spandau Ballet reference, but this is an indication of the number of new permits being assessed and awarded by County.

We’ll be at Gilwell Reunion so please come along, say “hi!”, and talk to us about your 2019 Damboree Adventures, and tell us what you’re planning for Dambroee 2020, because 2020 Registration opens at Reunion!