As we wind up Damboree, we have a bit of cash that we would like to share with some organisations. It’s not masses ~£2000-£2500 so it won’t change the world, but if you can let us know how you would spend £200-500 with #EveryoneInTents in mind, then we may help fund that.

If you would like to apply for a Damboree grant, please complete the form below and the small Damboree Panel will review the applications and let successful applicants know between 14th-21st October, so entries will close 23:59 13th October.

Grant Application

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Knowing what you know about the core Damboree message of #EveryoneInTents, and challenging misconceptions about Nights Away, and breaking down false barriers to camping…. How would you invest a cash grant from Damboree? Not that we will check up on you after we have divvied up the grants….