With the exciting news (To us at least) that Scouts Canada are promoting Beavers Camping as part of their updated Canadian Path, we’ve had a request to ship some Damboree Badges to Canada, as part of one Group Commissioners efforts to get his Beavers out in tents.

Canada is not the only location of overseas participation, our British Scouting Overseas friends are chalked to be running Damboree events in Malasyia, Germany, Guernsey, as well as a possible Scouts New Zealand Damboree event.

This is hugely exciting for the Damboree Team, as those numbers are helping us get closer to a magic 20,000* nights away in 2019 through locally organised Damboree Events. These events vary in scale from a single small group, to large county events that are promoting camping for young people. The current participation figures are looking like approximately 11,000* young people taking part in Damboree Events this year, which is once again a phenomenal number.

We’re also now looking at an additional 150 Permit Assessments, for Gold, so if you’re a Nights Away Adviser you’re going to be busy!

The Badges have arrived and are now being shipped out to those who have ordered them via our store. Here is a sample of some of the photo’s shared with us when the excitement of getting #badgehabit mail!

On the topic of badges and badge stocks, we’ve ordered 5,000 of Blue and Green, we’re not sure yet whether there will be demand for an additional run to meet demand, so please order as far in advance of your event as you can, because if we run out, it’ll be 2-3 weeks before we can restock, due to production lead times.

The Damboree Team continue to be in awe of the support your giving your young people, and the shared enthusiasm you all give Damboree.

*Compiled from Registrations