With Coronavirus likely to prevent #EveryoneInTents for the rest of 2020, the Damboree Team has taken the decision to suspend Damboree for the 2020 cycle.

We’ll be back for 2021 when the recommendations allow camping on a campsite, that requires a campsite permit, and all the wonderful things that a Section/Group camp infuses into a young person.

Damboree is all about #Grassroots, so with grassroots Scouting under immense pressure to continue and survive, the questions become: What can Damboree do to help? How can we support the Nights Away ecosystem?

We’ve taken the decision to offer our badge back catalogue for sale, except Golds, with the proceeds going into a Grassroots Survival Fund.  The fund will be available for UK Groups to apply to, for a grant, during the 2021 UK census cycle.



We haven’t worked out the award criteria, mechanics or indeed the awards panel yet, however every penny (minus Stripe Fees) generated by badge sales from today will go into the Grassroots Survival Fund.

There will be no requirement or preference given to participants in previous Damboree events.

This includes badges from 2018, 2019 and 2020 as well as our natty torches, but does not include Gold Badges – more about those later in the year.

We figured the more we can help our fellow leaders keep their sections going, when their biggest annual cost arrives, then the more likely they’ll be able to do camp in 2021.  If they camp in 2021, it will support the campsite network they use, which in turn helps maintain and develop local scouting.

We’ll have a fund gauge on our website (as above) so you can see how much is in the kitty, and as we are a District Active Support Unit our accounts are overseen closely by our Countessa de Money and District Treasurer. Current Front Man reckons about 97% of each purchase (not including postage costs) will be put into the fund.

We have re-jigged our store a little to make it easier to buy singles or sets of badges.

We’re just in the process of consolidating our badge stock into one location, so any orders placed will be shipped once the stock has arrived.

Damboree Active Support Unit has enough in the kitty to ensure we’re able to go again in 2021, and we’re grateful for the support of Milton Keynes Scouts, and Buckinghamshire Scouts, our governance wrap, in allowing us to do this.