7th Preston Beaver Colony managed to get themselves, and Damboree, in the local news! The Lancashire Post, part of the Johnston Publishing local newspaper network. reported on the 7th Preston’s Damboree camp at Waddecar Scout Activity Centre earlier in April.

Link to News Article

Getting news coverage for Damboree was so for down our wish list we didn’t think we’d get much, and certainly not so early in the calendar. So thanks 7th Preston, Lydia and Dimal, for ticking one of our Damboree Bucket List, but also including the 10000+ other Beavers who are taking part in Damboree.

That being said, we’d love to hear from other Damboree camps and events, and if you can share any media coverage with us, that would be absolutely amazing.

We’ve had to dig out the Kleenex for several members of the team now, as we are just completely humbled by the whole thing.

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