Intrepid Damboree Reporter Andy T. caught up with the, currently, only overseas Damboree event participants 2nd Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, whilst we wait for photo’s of their Damboree adventures, here is the interview:

1) Who are you and where are you involved in Scouting?

Melanie G., born & bred in Melbourne, Australia, and currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the past 2.5 years. I’m currently Beaver Scout Leader for 2nd Kuala Lumpur Scouts and have been involved in Scouting for two years.

2) What got you interested in getting involved in the Damboree?

I’m always up for getting young people outdoors, where they can learn independence and resilience. But it’s a great feeling to know that thousands of other Beavers will be enjoying a similar event to your own at the same time as you, somewhere else in the world.

3) What are your Damboree plans and how many people will be involved?

In line with our Cooks Award, we have organised a cooking camp, where our ten Beaver Scouts will undertake most of their own catering for the two night camp. We will be camping in a tropical rainforest in Janda Baik, an area on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur; we’re hoping that the hilly region will provide some respite from the humidity of KL! An obstacle course and a jungle river trek with river tubing should be the highlight of the activities on camp.

4) What do you, and the Young People, hope to get out of being involved in the Damboree?

Weekly sessions only allow for an hour of activity time where our young people get to work together as a team. The Damboree will allow lots of time for team building and strengthening friendships, as well as time for each of our Beavers to develop their own independence and sense of responsibility. The Beavers, of course, are just aiming to have lots of fun!

5) How do you use Facebook to support your Scouting activities?

Members of the 1st Facebook Scout Group and the BSO adult forum provide lots of helpful and creative ideas for activities for Beaver groups, as well as tips for handling various situations that can arise in/around group sessions.

6) How would you like the Damboree idea to evolve in 2019?

Particularly as our Group operates in a comparatively remote part of the Scouting world, I think it would be great for our young people to have the opportunity to mix with other Scout groups for the next Damboree.

if you are an overseas Colony, and you would like your young people to be involved in Damboree, please get in touch, so we can see how we can support you through your National Scouting Organisation, which may not be much, but we can cheerlead your efforts, if nowt else.

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