It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Damboree virtual office, our team hoodies have arrived and they are amazing Ben K. for arranging them. the second batch of blue badges has shipped and another 1000 are on route ready for the eager Beavers to earn.

More Numbers!

Our pet statics dude has been crunching some numbers to give an idea of where Damboree events are happening, which are the top 10 counties or regions, you know, to give County Commissioners bragging rights.

So Camp-Pickers, here is the first rundown of the Damboree Top 10:

County/Region Planned Campers
Hampshire 783
Kent 566
West Lancashire 506
Scotland 486
Avon 351
Lincolnshire 338
Suffolk 326
Mid Glamorgan 285
North Yorkshire 255
Cornwall 233

Spread the word, tell your ACC, ADC, ACDC, DNAA, DC, CC, RC,UKCC, NC, and any other commissioner who needs telling.

Damboree On Tour!

We’ve also put a calendar on the website so you know when we are out and about visiting Damboree Events. The calendar can be found <here>. As we’re small team of around 13 we are unable to cover the UK in it’s entirety, or the couple of overseas Damboree Events, although Cyprus was very appealing, couldn’t get permission from Mrs B.

If you would like a member of the team to drop in for tea and cake we’ll do our best, but all our trips are subject to our usual scouting commitments, and spousal permission (where applicable). The areas we can cover are:

Andy & Kevin – Kent.
Tony – Norfolk.
Ben – Hampshire.
Andy T – Scotland (yes all of it).
Stuart – MK/Bucks/Beds/N’hants.
Sam – Dorest/Devon.
Raymond – Bristol/Avon.
Clive – Wales/Herts.
Leonardo – within 2 hours drive of Dover
Suzanne – Derbyshire or surrounding counties

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll check our availability. Please be aware that we will not be able to assess your camp for you, that must be done through normal channels.


To date we’ve received over 70 orders for badges, and our badge partner Karuna Badges has been working hard to get those badges out the door to participants. Please be aware that badges are being done in runs of 500-1000 so there may be a slight delay as one batch is shipped, and another is on route from their suppliers.  if you are ordering badges make sure you do so in plenty of time for your event to ensure you have them to award and reward your campers.

Badges can be ordered from our online form order early, order often!

We’ll be mailing out to the registration list in the coming days to ensure clarity over the ordering process, as there may have been come minor confusion around the badge ordering process.

Permit Application Challenges…

The Damboree Team, mainly Andy Sissons, have received a number of communiques regarding some leaders facing issues, or local rules, to them applying for their permits.  Damboree Team will offer advice, provide appropriate links to rules, POR, Factsheets, and if  point them to Info Centre.

We’re here to support Beaver leaders getting their campsite permits, so that their sections can camp anytime they want to.

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