We recently auctioned and raffled sets of the 2019 Damboree badge sets, along with prizes from fabulous donors.

we’ve made the donation to Toilet Twinning, and they have sent through the certificates of the Twinned Toilets, which I am hoping will be mounted at our District Campsite The Quarries, however we’re sharing the images of the certs below for those who bought tickets or who bid in our auction, so you can see where your money has gone (We’ll follow up with DePaul once we have BACS details from them.).

We’ve also included maps where the latrines are, from the co-ordinates on the certs, so if your Scouting projects take you anywhere near, you can always pop in.

So if you had a hand in this, whether that’s a prize donor, ticket buyer, bidder, moral supporter or draw assistant, consider yourself a part owner of a Twinned Toilet.

For more information on Toilet Twinning, we have included a link to one of their resource videos.

Twinned Toilet #1 – Malawi

Twinned Toilet #2 – Uganda

Twinned Toilet #3 – Zambia