A few weeks ago current Damboree FrontMan/SacrificialMeerkat/RedShirt Stuart Ball sat down with Andy from BehindScouting Podcast to discuss Damboree, how we came to be, where we’re going and other random bits.

It’s really quite strange listening to yourself, and hoping the Damboree message, ethos and support to/of the leaders out there doing the do, and getting #EveryoneIntTents. It’s a bit like an Oscars “Thank You” speech, because there are so many people that help and support us along the way, to make sure we’re able to continue encouraging all leaders, and those around them to support campsite Nights Away Permits(UK) or take Beavers camping for the first time (Canada). I hope this comes across.

So thank you to Behind Scouting for giving us an opportunity to share our story, and the stories you’ve shared with us along the way.
We’re inspired by you…

One more thing…
We’re wishing Dumbartonshire District a fabulous Damboree this weekend, with ~6 Groups taking part, hope the weather is kind, and we’re looking forwards to piccies, and sharing your stories with us.

The Podcast is available from all your usual podcast suppliers, as well as the embedded link above: