In just 7 days,  218 UK Colonies, Districts or Counties (Regions) have registered an interest in participating in this Facebook initiated Beaver Damboree, with all parts of the UK being represented, as well as a number of Colonies from the Republic of Ireland.

To date up to 4,827 Beaver attendees have been suggested. This is a phenomenal response and shows the passion out there for the initiative.

Please remember, the main aim is to encourage Beaver Leaders to get their campsite permit and promote camping as an option for Beavers as feedback on Facebook still suggests that the changes The Scout Association’s changes in 2015 have not trickled down to everyone.

To ‘qualify’ for this event you simply need to hold an overnight camp where Beavers sleep overnight in a tent. Local events are being planned between April and September, with June as the preferred month. Some Colonies are going that little bit further, planning 2 or even 3 + nights. At the moment events are evenly split between a 1 or 2 nights camp.

So far 86 events will be used as the vehicle for leaders to be assessed for their Campsite Permit, and 36 as a practice camp. 14 Colonies will be drafting in support to help with the event which hopefully will give the Beaver Leaders involved the apatite to work towards their own permit.

Once finalised, we aim to release the Official Damboree badge for sale in the New Year. All we request is to share a picture of your event on the Damboree Facebook page (permission permitting). There will also be a number of other announcements regarding Leader involvement and acknowledgement of those gaining their permit.

We will place a number of promotional posts on Facebook to grow interest in the initiative, but the majority of information and support will be provided through the Damboree facebook page . We will also be using the #Damboree tag on correspondence.  Any specific questions can be sent to [email protected].

The Damboree Team