Adding Damboree Badges to your Section OSM

Our Head of Programming the OSM Bits, has added the 2020 badges, including Scouts, to Online Scout Manager, so you can now add the badge, and tick off the criteria and award it, just like any other badge in OSM.

These have also been made available to Scouts Australia for their Joeys, Cubs and Scouts.

This allows you to do preparation activities before or after your Damboree Event, and tick them off! Who doesn’t like a good ticking off….the to-do list.

As long as you have an OSM Gold Subscription (if your District or County isn’t paying for it for your group/section, badger them to do so as bulk licensing saves money and gives them a natty dashboard view of their County/District) you can add the Damboree 2020 Badges.

In order to do that please follow the instructions below:

1Log into OSM
2Select the Section you want to add the badge to
3Select Badges from the left hand Menu
4Select the area you would like the Damboree badge adding to. It’s possible to add the Damboree badge to:
* Challenge
* Staged
* Core

Which one you choose is upto you, as we suggest Core, but it is your choice. For our section we added it to the Core badges for 2019.
5Click “+Badge” in the top right of your OSM pane
6Type “Damboree” in the search box and you will see the Damboree badges configured in OSM
7Click on the badge you would like to add to your section, this will pop up the badge details, the requirements etc.
8Click “Add badge to my ‘Core’ Area” and it will pop it into your Core badges area of your OSM
9You can now manage requirements of this badge and attached it to your Programme or Events just like you would any other badge in OSM

The badges themselves can be ordered from our online store, they are not available from Scout Shops, or through yoru Badge Secretaries.

If you need any help with configuring OSM there is now a Self Help group on Facebook that you can join to get crowdsupport:

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