Gold Badge Requirements (Scout Association (UK & BSO))

Complete 1 of the below:
– [ ]  Succeed in achieving your first Campsite or Greenfield Nights Away Permit as part of a Damboree event, must be registered in the Damboree site in advance.
– [ ]  Answer the Nights Away Advisers call and assess someone for their Campsite Permit as part of your Mod25 validation, where their event is a Damboree Event, must be registered in advance of the assessment.

It is not expected that you would get a permit, and become an Nights Away Adviser in the same Damboree cycle.

Upgrades from Campsite to Greenfield are not eligible for Gold, as you could already camp in tents.

Updated for 2022 Cycle, Gold badges are now available to all Scouting adults who go for their Nights Away Permit (Campsite or Greenfield. Lightweight Camping is not applicable.) as part of the Damboree Initiative, your event MUST be registered before the assessment date.

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