Nights Away Passports – Reasonable Adjustments

One of the questions that comes up is how to make Nights Away Event Passports inclusive for those who need additional support. So one of our team asked HQ InfoCentre the question, and this is what came back from them:

“In the case where a child with additional needs is to be partaking in an expedition under the Nights Away Passport scheme, here’s a few pointers on how to go about making sure the correct support is in place without jeopardising the purpose of the NA Passport Scheme (to encourage self-independence):

A conversation between the parents of the child, the Nights Away Permit holder (and passport issuer) and the District Commissioner should be had outlining the specific needs of the child and how much of these needs could be handled by the passport holder/the Scouters around him.In the same way that you would for any other Nights Away passport expedition, make sure there is a robust home contact system in place.

This means that the Nights Away Permit holder (and possible another Leader should a child need to be taken away from the expedition) should be in the general vicinity such that they can make it to the campsite on short notice.

It could be, due to the specific needs of one or more of the young people involved in the expedition, that it is agreed that the home contact should be more immediately available if needed.

In this case, it would be best practice for the young people to not be made aware of these adjustments.

This is because the purpose of the Nights Away Passport scheme is to instill a sense of self-reliance in the young people and, especially to those in the Group that do not have additional needs, the fact that a more immediate home contact system is in place could effect that.

With regards to the case where the Nights Away Permit holder (and Passport issuer) has their own child within the expedition, try and act in the same way as if there wasn’t. It would be best practice that this Nights Away Permit holder with a child in the expedition wouldn’t be a part of the Home Contact process (although I appreciate that it may be difficult to find another Nights Away Permit holder who is available) but would merely be a part of the conversation spoken about in point 1.”

(Edited to remove abbreviations)

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