Privacy Policy

Damboree collects data about it’s users analytics purposes.

We use WP Statistics to manage page stats, we use WooCommerce and Plugins to manage badge orders, we use Gravity Forms to register interest.

Your raw data will not be shared with anyone else outside the Damboree Team, and we’ll only use your contact information for feedback surveys later in the year, to see how we can improve next time around.

If you have registered on our FreeSurveys survey, we’ll be using that with the Badge Order data to in an aggregated format  produce some pretty charts which we will display here.

By using our badge order form, and submitting it, you are agreeing to this state of affairs.

We have added a Newsletter function for interested parties to register for news to their mailbox rather than social media. This lists created will only be used for the purposes of each list as described, we will not auto-subscribe you to any list.

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