So what can Damboree do to help me promote nights away in my Group/District/County/Region/Country?

  • Well, we have a cracking badge scheme that supports Beavers, Cubs & Scouts, broadly aligned to the Outdoor Challenge with some Damboree magic thrown in.
  • We have Gold Badges for those who get their first Campsite Permit, so your leaders can join a prestigious alumnus of around 350 Gold Badge owners.
  • Golds for those who step up to become Nights Away Advisers, and support you in your manager/supporter role ensure you’re delivering minimum standard with competent well mentored & supported permit holders.
  • We have a network of Active Support Members to support and encourage engagement with Damboree & Nights Away Permits
  • Our Active Support Members can challenge those out-of-date notions that some adults in your District/County may harbour without affecting your local dynamics. Allowing us to annoy your people instead of your team.
  • Attend County Rallies, District Conferences to promote Nights Away Damboree Stylee

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