Turquoise Badge Requirements

Complete 5 OPTIONS & all of the ESSENTIALS section

– [ ] Help put up a tent
– [ ] Build and light a fire
– [ ] Learn how to tie three simple knots
– [ ] Cook over a fire (e.g. twists or s’mores)
– [ ] Learn a new campfire song and perform it
– [ ] Set up your bed and sleeping bag
– [ ] Find out how Beavers live in the wild
– [ ] Invite one of the Damboree Active Support Unit, Assistant County Commissioner – Beavers or County Nights Away Advisers (UK), or relevant equivalent Commissioner from your Scouting organisation, to your event
– [ ] Draw picture of the original Beaver uniform and name 3 differences
– [ ] Take part in a brand new adventurous activity with your Colony

ESSENTIALS – Do ALL of these
[ ] Camp outside in tents with your Colony for at least one night
[ ] Spell out Damboree in natural materials
[ ] Post pictures, or it didn’t happen, to Facebook using
#DamboreeBeavers #BeaversInTents

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