What is the purpose of the Damboree

Originally the pupose was to support and encourage Beaver Leaders to gain their Campsite Nights Away Permit and to promote the fact Beavers in the UK are allowed to Camp. It is a way to dispel some of the myths surrounding Nights Away.

We’ve kinda scope creeped beyond that initial mandate to Cubs, and in 2020 Scouts, with programmes for to encourage their leaders to go for their Camping Permit.

Also other countries like Canada and Australia are going through a similar sitation to UK Scouting, albeit it a few years behind, where the younger sections are now able to camp without their parents being onsite, although having parents around to wash up etc is always encouraged.

We’ve now made the treasured Gold Badges available to any UK Member able to go for a Nights Away Campsite Permit, to encourage them and enable them to take their young people camping.

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