What’s in it for me as a Group Scout Leader/Commissioner/Nights Away Adviser?

Ultimately more work, whether that’s approving NANs, asessing & mentoring more Leaders for permits, sourcing more kit for more campers, arranging more training for extended skills like bulk cooking, or more Mod38’s.

But the return is the investment you put into your leaders, and supporting them camping, is they stay longer, even if it’s a parent who choses to move through the sections with their young person.

Because Permits are non-sectional (unless the permit holder has asked for that restriction, it shouldn’t be forced on them) the Beaver Leader Parent who then becomes a Cub Leader Parent is permitted and ready to camp with the Pack.

More camping means more revenue for camp sites, your occupancy percentages go up, so your sites generate more revenue.

Best of all your young people get fantastic camping experiences, and the more confidence they get from starting earlier, in Beavers, the more competent they get as they progress, so long term the success of your Top Awards programme increases.

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