It’s been a busy month in Damboree HQ, so here is our roundup of exciting Damboree News

Merch Release – Phase 1

As many of you will know, there was a wee bit of jealousy in the air when the Damboree team done up and got themselves some hoodies and neckers for the first Damboree. We had no idea how successful it would be, or how much demand for merchandise there would be…

But we took the request on board, and we’re rolling out merchandise from a range of partners, in the coming months. The first of these, lovingly designed by Crayons, Badger has been working ever so hard with and that is MyClothing (Formerly Tesco Uniform Embroidery Service). We have setups for Beavers, Cubs, Supporters and General Damboree Merchandise

Links to the MyClothing pages are in our store, we’d also recommend bookmarking them for future reference. Damboree ASU receives 5% of the price paid, which will go into the pot for future projects and towards some of our costs.

We tried to match colours as best we could, but we decided on Jade Green for Beavers, Emerald Green for Cubs, and dark colours for adults.

Damboree Active Support Network

Speaking of the Dambore ASU…..We’ve been talking about this for a while, and now with technology supplied by NeoWeb we can now register interested adults directly into OnlineScoutManager.

The Damboree Active Support Unit has a service agreement with Milton Keynes District, our host district (long story), to run Damboree. This was done because we’d been turned down for National Scout Active Support Unit status, and we needed to ensure we were legit as far as our scouting went, all proper and grow’d up like. So we done up and got us a Countess de Money, to add to the existing management team, and now we’re looking for like-minded individuals to join the ASU and create an enthusiastic and well informed network to support local Nights Away Advisers at County and District Level, and promote the core messages of Damboree about camping and the Nights Away Permit Scheme (UK Scouts).

Unless you are on the Management Team you won’t have ASU membership conferred on you in Compass, this is to stop our District Appointments Secretary going into meltdown at Census time, and DBS renewals. We’ll be managing membership within the Active Support Unit Team in Online Scout Manager, we’ll be feeling our way through this as there may be some British Scouting Overseas involvement and possibly even other overseas, so Compass is not an appropriate tool to manage those relationships.

If you would like to join the network, and help us promote Damboree, and camping good practice, you can click and register here.

Website Performance

We’ve identified that the website isn’t performing as fast as we’d like it to, so we’re going to be taking steps to move it from an Azure App Service, to it’s own fully fledged virtual machine, so at some point before the badges are released for sale, we’ll make that transition, so watch out for the “We’re on the Move” notices.

One More Thing

This is largely madeup, but I am sat in a cafe waiting for my eldest to do some drama thingy, and I needed some distractions….

Some of you may have noticed that there have been increased sightings of the Grand High Meerkat on social media.

This is because on the Feb 2nd our much loved Grand High Meerkat arose from his slumber, stretched his legs for an hour or so.

As he spied his shadow on the ground it could mean only one thing, there will be an awesome Damboree again this year.

So he has donned shades, and can be found sunning himself in Kent somewhere.

If you spot him, please check he’s put is sunblock on, pink Meerkat is not a good look….