Sometimes flags at events go missing, they are considered “trophies”, given the expense of our flags, we’d really like to keep them when we go to Reunion. So we’ve thought of a cunning Plan, our fabulous Ang Healy has created some pennants that we’ll hide around Gilwell . If you manage to untie it and return it to us, and say:

“I Found the Flag, Ner nee ner nee ner ner”

This is so we know you have seen the post, and know the rules and not just a random flag collector. If you also tweet @damboreeASU with the #FindTheFlag or post to our Facebook Page thread about finding a flag before you return the flag to us, we’ll have a “gimme” for you

This is just a game to play at Reunion to raise awareness of Damboree, for those that have missed out on our endeavours in the last 2 years, and project a little fun into proceedings.

Yes, we will only pay the flags’ ransom when it is returned to us, however if they go on adventures and are shared on social media? That’s fine too, but no ransom until it’s back in our possession.

If this works, we may also expand it to run at ScoutFest at Fordell Firs next weekend, when Scottish Office takes the Damboree Roadshow up and over Hadrians Wall.

We’ll tell you later what the ransom is….