THE DAMBOREE PASSPORT – so many possible badge requirements met

Firstly a credit to Angela Haynes, who has inspired us to get the crayons out, and do a branded passport for Beavers. Thanks Angela, so please when you download it, remember to thank Angela on our FaceBook Group and Page.

It’s editable in Microsoft Word, however other office packages are available but may require more fiddling.

Damboree Editable Passport

Camping and residential events are an important part of the Beaver Program. Have you thought about how you could maximise the Beaver achievements at the Damboree. We have created a Damboree Passport you could adapt for your event. Here is a list of possible requirements met by one overnight event:

Adventure Challenge
– Adventurous Activity (xN)
– Outdoor Activity (xN)
– Nature Walk [Part of a base]
Outdoor Challenge
– Put up tent [Setting up camp]
– Cook on fire [Part of a base]
– Make a fire [Part of a base]
– Songs [Campfire]
– Wash-up [After a meal]
– Make bed [Setting up camp]
– Wide Game [Planned activity]
– Knots [Part of a base]
– Natural Activity [Part of a base]
– Create something for animals [Part of a base]

– Song [Campfire]
– Teeth [Ready for bed]
– Tie shoe lases [Getting dressed in morning]
– Decorate food [Part of a base]
– Roll Scarf [Getting dressed in morning]
– Make bed [Setting up camp]
– Creative activity [Part of a base]
Teamwork Challenge
– Team game (xN) [Planned activity]
– Challenge [Part of base]
– Helpful [Individual contribution on camp]
– Lead [Individual contribution on camp]
– Friend [Individual contribution on camp]
– Log Chew [Feedback after Camp]

– Meet [DC, ADC, CC], Councillor Radio Station, TV Station, ….]
– Worship [Scouts Own]
– Mini beast Hunt [Part of a base]
Camp Craft Activity
– Put up tent [Part of a base]
– Make a fire [Part of a base]
– Cook on fire [Part of a base]
– Reef Knot [Part of a base]
– Pioneering [Part of a base]
– Blanket [Part of a base]
– Visit [Have another section camping @ the same time / location]

Explore Activity
– What and where [As part of event design]
– Predict [As part of event design]
– Explore [As part of event design]
Nights Away (Staged)
– Nights Away (xN)

A single camp is unlikely to tick off all the above boxes. However thinking about the way you plan your event will maximise the opportunity for the Beavers to complete badge work.

The Damboree Team

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