Thanks to all those who have bought  badges from us since the 29th April. The Grass Roots Fund, which now stands at £600 will continue to be added to by further badge sales, and our auction/raffle for sets, including Golds, later in the year.

As at August 3rd

Whilst the Thermometer says 12%, we’re not aiming for anything specific in terms of amounts, the Thermometer needed some numbers to work properly. We have badges that are unlikely to get used for Damboree, en masse, this year as Green is nowhere in sight, so those who want to contribute to helping Groups survive can do so, and get badges.

Around 97-98%% of the purchase price goes to the fund, depending on postage and Stripe costs.

We hope everyone is staying safe, and well, we also appreciate that everyone is doing their best for themselves, and their young people as we bounce around the colours.