We’re very excited to show you this:

The Damboree Torch – Illuminating those dark places of local rules, demystifying the Nights Away Permit Scheme (UK), starting conversations about “What the …. is Damboree?”, sending a signal for support & help like Commissioner Gordon to Batman. The lens of the torch shows the Damboree logo in it’s blue/green form, just like the Bat-Symbol, as shown in the image above.

And no, we haven’t ordered anatomically correct Damboree bat-suits, just a really neat torch.

Not for general sale, at the moment, they will be available through a number of ways:

  1. We’re going to be including a couple of torches with each delayed order, as a result of the long wait for Blue Badges from our badge partner. We hope the small token of apology will bring a smile to your face, and you’ll possibly forgive us a little bit.
  2. #FindAFlag at Gilwell Reunion, this is the ransom that will be offered in return for one of our flags, remembering the special phrase, and having to have a conversation with us about Damboree. 1 torch per flag, and if we see the torches on Ebay afterwards, we’ll be miffed.
  3. If you register your intent to participate in 2020 before the end of 2019 (first 500 max), your email address will be given a coupon in our store to claim one of these when you order your badges. Advanced registration helps us plan our production runs of badges, one day we’ll get the timing right…This is a worldwide offer.
  4. Commissioner-types can come and talk to us at Reunion or ScoutFest, about how we can support them in encouraging their leaders to get a permit and take their young people camping.

Any left overs may find themselves in our store looking for a home in the ~£1.50-2.00 range. If that happens we’ll let people know they are available.