There are a number of reasons to register your Damboree 2020 Event in advance, not least becoming one of the  approximately ~100 events already joining in the Damboree fun next year. This includes a number of Group & District scale Damboree Events, which is great news.

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(Dynamic chart, will update as registrations change)

The second reason to register is that those who register before the end of January (Deadline Extended) will get a Damboree Torch as a freebie when they order their badges for their event.

You can register your Dambroee Event for 2020 on our Registration Form

Beavers, Cubs AND Scouts for 2020

As shown in the number of Group scale events, Damboree has a programme for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to take part in. Check out the badge criteria here: (Beavers) – (Cubs) – (Scouts) and not forgetting those who help you run your Damboree Event can get a Silver, as a thank you for getting your young people out in tents, or heklping yiou get your Gold.

2020 Gold Badge Validation

We’re changing the Gold Validation for 2020, to allow for non-Scout Association leaders to qualify for Gold within their own organisational structure, as well as making Gold Badges non-role specific as far as the UK Scout Association goes.

This is largely due to the inclusion of Scouts in the Damboree Programme, so the role element of validation is being replaced by a registration validation element, for the UK Scout Association.

  1. Must have registered your Damboree Event ast least 7 days before the Event takes place.
  2. Must provide Compass Screen shot of the Permit Tab showing your assessment date, this is due to some permits being issues for less than 5 years, it confuses us when we’re validating entitlement.
  3. Event Pics or it didn’t happen.
  4. Gold is for:
    1. New Camping Permits assessed on a Damboree Event
    2. New Greenfield Permits assessed on a Damboree Event
    3. Upgrades from Indoor Permits to Camping or Greenfield assessed on a Damboree Event
    4. Mod 25n Validation to become a Nights Away Adviser, where your assessment is on a Damboree Event
  5. Gold is NOT for:
    1. Upgrades from Camping to Greenfield.
    2. Mod25n validation on a non-Damboree Event

Gold validation criteria for non-UK Scout Association organisations will be set after discussion with leaders in those countries, or their National Scouting Organisation approaches us to take part.
That is part of the reason we moved our website from a UK specific domain, to a more global domain of .camp, because when we mean #everyoneintents, we mean #everyoneintents.

Golds remain a strictly guarded badge, because getting your camping permit is a special thing. We’re grateful to Ed Jellard and Online Scout Manager for sponsoring the 2020 Gold Badges.

We’re also going to be separating out Gold Badge ordering from our main online store, to reduce confusion with combining Golds with other orders.

Focus Weekend 2020 Scope Creep

With the inclusion of Scouts this year we’ve decided to extend Focus Weekend across two weekends, although Scout Radio will only be broadcasting across one of those weekends (TBC), those weekends are:

12-14th June 2020 & 19-21st June 2020

This is due to our traditional Solstice Weekend slot clashing with Fathers Day (UK), to to offset that inconsiderate scheduling, we’re adding 12th-14th to the Focus, and see how we go.

Camping Competition

We’re looking for a handful of Districts to help us develop and test our (inter?)National Patrol Camping Competition (covering 10-18s in possibly two “classes”, to cover UK Scout Association Scouts and Explorers age ranges) project in 2020, so if you are a District Commissioner, or District Nights Away Advisor or equivalent overseas, and want to do a bit of mad science, please get in touch through i[email protected], and we’ll see if we can make this work.


Damboree is a beast, sometimes an almost unmanagable beast, but we do our best, fix things, and learn for next time.

As a team we’re hugely grateful for the support and patience of our supporters, participants, cheerleaders, our District Exec, donors, sponsors, suppliers and those that support Damboree down in the Groups & Sections helping us help them get their young people in tents. Together we’ve ammassed thousands of nights under canvas as Dambroee participants, and raised £400 for our charities, hat’s off to you all.

The Damboree Team hope you all have a wonderful break over the Christmas & New Year period, however you celebrate or avoid it, and we look forward to you joining us in 2020, for more Damboree chaos.