For those of us who remember Europe, and the Final Countdown the Damboree Team has now just given you a synth-earworm as we deliver this all important message. Anyone who is too young to remember The Final Countdown,  you need to Youtube it….

Anyhoo, we will say this only once, but thanks to the wonders of social media, it can be shared again and again.

The last run of the 2018 badges is being produced, checked, packed and made ready for distribution. If you are going to Gilwell Reunion, you can collect your outstanding order there, or the remaining outstanding orders will be shipped out subsequent to Reunion.

We appreciate some of you have waited a LONG time for your badges, as demand has far outstripped our expectations, and we as a team appreciate your patience, and frustration, at the wait.

So if you are still planning an event for this year, and haven’t got your order in, you may run the risk of being without badges for your Damboree Event.

Badge orders are only confirmed at the point of payment, not the point of order.

Payment requests will stop when we run out of badges, so you may order badges too late before we manage to take the order forms offline, and we’ll feel guilty disappointing those who will miss out on the 2018 badges.


Stay tuned for more news about Damboree 2019, yes, we’ll be back, with more obscure cultural references Beavers won’t have a clue about, an all new El Presidente and all new similar badges for 2019!