Going for Gold!

Current Front Man has finally found some time to finish sorting the Gold Badge ordering out so Gold Badges can now be ordered. There is an element of validation required, as per previous years, so please be patient with us whilst your entitlement is confirmed, and your Gold badge is sent to you.

Blue’s Supplies

We’ve had some issues technically, this has led to us losing sight a bit of Blue stock levels. A replenishment order has been placed, we’re anticipating a delivery in 3-4 weeks. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. If you have an order that’s outstanding at the moment and would like a refund for blues until stock arrives, email [email protected] and we’ll get that sorted out.

We’ve had to run a tighter ship this year in terms of order quantities as due to Covid landing just after our 2020 bulk order arrived we’re stuck with a large number of badges….However we’ve got plans for those coming soon….

Squirrel’s Damboree Red Badges

We’re delighted to offer a lightweight Damboree Red badge for Squirrel members with some interim criteria until we learn the outcome of the Nights Away trials. The Red Badge criteria are just below, we hope those Dreys who have Group Camps will be invited along to participate in the events and start that love of camping, which is a core part of the Scouting experience.

Red Badge Criteria

Complete 2 OPTIONS & all of the ESSENTIALS section

– [ ] Help put up a tent
– [ ] Collect wood and help build a fire
– [ ] Tie a knot
– [ ] Cook on a fire (e.g. twists or s’mores)
– [ ] Find out how Squirrels live in the wild
– [ ] Start your own camp blanket
– [ ] Take part in a brand new adventurous activity with your Drey

ESSENTIALS – Do ALL of these
– [ ] Visit a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Group Camp

We have a Damboree Facebook Group for Squirrels: www.facebook.com/groups/damboreesquirrels/

A Little Something for Explorers

We’ve long looked at whether we should be offering a Damboree something for Explorers, our thinking was more geared towards Young Leaders and the Silver badges. However we’re going to trial some badge criteria for the rest of the year, and see if there is interest in making it a permanent addition to the Damboree programme, or tweaking the criteria to make it more challenging, feedback as always is appreciated.

We have a Damboree Facebook Group for Explorers: www.facebook.com/groups/damboreeexplorers/

Occasional Badge Approvals

So far we’ve had confirmed approvals to wear Damboree Badges from the following Counties, if your County isn’t there, please use our form to ask their permissions.

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Form to send to relevent commissioners to request permission to wear Damboree Badges in the Occasional Badge area of uniforms.

Sender & Recipient Details

Who are you?(Required)
Your Email Address(Required)
This helps make the email more relevant, and stop duplicate emails being sent

Your Approver

Under POR 10.34 must be approved by a County Commissioner.
Commissioners First name to make the email more personal
Approving Commissioners Email Address(Required)

Email Example

Dear Dave,

I am asking you for permission to wear the 2022 Damboree Badges in the occasional badge slot on the uniform for Trumptonshire.

Damboree is an initiaitive to encourage leaders, particularly Beaver Leaders, to go for their Campsite Nights Away Permits.

For more information about Damboree, please go to their website: Commissioners Information – Damboree

Replying to this email with your approval will allow the Damboree Team to display the current approved Counties to their participants, including other groups in our county/area.

We hope you will support their initiative this year to get our young people camping, and our leaders getting Nights Away Permits.

Kind Regards,

Windy Miller

1st Camberwick Green – Camberwick Green District