The news a number of you have been waiting for, judging by the heart-warming responses we’ve seen to the posting of the 2022 badge designs on our Facebook groups. Thank you!

Having been in camping lockdown off-n-on for the last 2 years, there will have been a significant loss of camping experience, learning of the enjoyment of camping and people with permits.

We feel it is important we return in 2022, to champion Nights Away, Nights Away Permit seekers, Nights Away Permit Upgraders and Nights Away Advisers, who do so much more than just assess applicants, because we still very much believe in #everyoneintents.

We guess it’s a good time to reveal a bit more information about our 2022 plans…

Is Damboree 2022 happening?

Is there a Focus Weekend?
Yes, this year Focus Weekend is 24th-26th June 2022

Is Damboree just Focus Weekend?
No, we run throughout 2022. We just like to have the Focus Weekend as a sorta shared experience. You can Damboree whenever you like, as often as you like, and as Beavers can now do overseas trips, wherever you like (subject to FCDO Guidance)

Can we get badges?
Yes, you will be able to get badges – this years’ designs are below. Until stock is sourced, we’re operating a waiting list and you’ll be notified when stock arrives and is added to the store.

The 2022 badges and criteria will be on OSM soon for you to add to your programme.

When can we order them?
Our logistics team is sourcing smaller batches this year, so we don’t get left holding onto large amounts of badge stock if it all goes pear-shaped with an umpteenth wave. If you join the product waiting list you’ll be informed when we have stock.

What about Squirrels?
We’re in regular contact with the Squirrels Programme about their Nights Away trials. There have been four already and there are four more to come. Thanks to our auction and raffle we were able to donate £200 to the Squirrels pot, with the aim of supporting those trials.
We’ll also be doing a limited run of Squirrels badges (as shown above) just in case a trial needs them, or the decision is to formally allow them to join the Nights Away experience of Scouting later this year, so fingers crossed.

What about Explorers?
We’re looking at doing something specifically for Explorer Scouts that are not Young Leaders. Silver Badges are there for adults and those who help run Damboree events, which in the Explorer age range is typically Young Leaders, so we’re discussing whether we can offer a challenge for Explorers who are not Young Leaders.
We have the badge designed (as from above) but need to finish the wrap around it. It may not happen.

Do we need to register our interest to run a Damboree Event?
No you don’t, but it helps us meet our Service Agreement as an Active Support Unit in Milton Keynes Scouts, which means they let us keep doing this.
Registration before your event is however required if you want to get a Gold Badge as the Gold Criteria is to get your permit or assess someone as part of a Damboree Event. You can Register here or using the form below.

Can I run a District or County Damboree?
Of course you can, if you want to offer Damboree badges, please ensure you work with us on the timing as we’d hate to disappoint your participants.

We’re a Scout Campsite, can we run a Damboree?
Of course you can, if you want to offer Damboree badges, please ensure you work with us on the timing as we’d hate to disappoint your participants.

Can we wear your badges?
Not yet! The Damboree badges are Occasional Badges and as such, for Scout Association participants permission is needed from a relevant Commissioner (normally County Commissioners) to wear the badge in the Occasional Badge slot on the uniform. To make it easier for us to track and manage this year, you can send your Commissioner an email using our form. In order to prevent County Commissioners being spammed with requests, the system should only allow them to be sent an email every 90 days. We will have a page that lists approvals once we have some.

What about Overseas/Non-Scout Association, can we join in?
Of course you can, we’re more than happy to engage with other Scouting organisations around the globe to join in with the spirit of camping. We can also align our Gold Badge criteria with any permit or training scheme that enables adults to take their members camping.

What if our people don’t use social media, how can they get information?
We’ll also be circulating a newsletter through our parent organisation, Milton Keynes Scouts, so they can sign up for news here.

Why are there stars on the badges this year?
Well, our designer, Crayons, thought that it’d been such a lousy couple of years, that everyone deserved a little more sparkle. Who were we to argue?

Other information is available from our FAQs, either on the relevant pages, or our full QnA

We’re so excited to be back! If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected] or post on our social media pages:
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The Damboree Team