We’re not going to get into the Scarf vs Necker Vs Neckie, vs Overly-Colourful-Emergency-Spare-Triangular-Bandage discussion, but what we can do is show you the latest offering from OneStop Scouting

We’ve been working with OneStop Scouting over the last couple of months on elements of the merchandise range as has been requested by a number of Damboree event organisers, and supporters. Whilst we are aware we have an agreement with MyClothing, OneStop offers more personalisation of the clothing, but it does come at a price. We’re trying to ensure we offer a breadth of price points across our ranges to ensure that it’s as affordable as possible for those that choose to avail themselves, and their participants of the branded items on offer.

For a full look at the Onestop Scouting Damboree 2019 range follow this link: