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If your County/Area isn’t listed above, you can use this form below to send an email to your relevant commissioner

2022 Occasional Badge Approval

Form to send to relevent commissioners to request permission to wear Damboree Badges in the Occasional Badge area of uniforms.

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Under POR 10.34 must be approved by a County Commissioner.
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Email Example

Dear Dave,

I am asking you for permission to wear the 2022 Damboree Badges in the occasional badge slot on the uniform for Trumptonshire.

Damboree is an initiaitive to encourage leaders, particularly Beaver Leaders, to go for their Campsite Nights Away Permits.

For more information about Damboree, please go to their website: Commissioners Information – Damboree

Replying to this email with your approval will allow the Damboree Team to display the current approved Counties to their participants, including other groups in our county/area.

We hope you will support their initiative this year to get our young people camping, and our leaders getting Nights Away Permits.

Kind Regards,

Windy Miller

1st Camberwick Green – Camberwick Green District