We have a few of big announcements this time, so please make sure you read ALL the way to the bottom, ‘cos you know there will be a test….

One badge to tempt them all, 
One badge to join them,
One badge to bring them all,
And on the campsite bind them,
In the land of canvas where the bacon fries.

Well, not quite, but by 2021 we’ll have one Dambore badge for all sections, but until that time we’d like to present to you the Badge Roadmap for the Occasional Badges for the participants.

We deliberated for WEEKS to get ourselves to the point that as a collective we were happy with them. Crayons (Sam E.) has been hugely tolerant of our whims, and has made our choice hard to make on several occasions.

As you can see this badge roadmap takes us to a unified badge in 2021, which sees us with all the younger sections having had a chance at a badge of their own.  For those Explorer leaders who might be saying “What about us?” The Damboree Team too a decision that if UK Scouting needed Damboree to include an Explorer badge to get them out into tents, then there was a REALLY big problem, and we decided to hide from it.

BUT Young Leaders & Explorers who support their younger sections camping, should be chatting to their Damboree Camp Organiser about Silver badges, we’llbe showing off those designs at a later date.

We’ll be planning and testing the Scouts In Tents for 2020 nearer the time, but felt like sharing the designs with you now, so you know what to expect.

We’ll be contacting UK Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd in the coming days to get a UK-wide permission for the Damboree badge to be worn in the Occasional badge slot, or (to be honest) wherever the Parents end up sewing it on….

Focus Weekend

For those of you who were around for Reunion may remember that Stuart was shoved into the Scout Radio caravan, and was grilled mercilessly  by Beaker for 10 minutes on Damboree, the clip can be found HERE. Anyways, Scout Radio expressed an interest in working with us a media partner over our Focus Weekend so we’ve been talking to them about which weekend would fit best with them, and we’re delighted to announce that the Focus Weekend will once again be Fri-Sun 21st-23rd June 2019, so stay tuned to find out more information over the coming months on just how we’re going to link up those camping that weekend, across the United Kingdom, and possibly beyond these shores!

Charity Auction

We’ve been whelmed over and over, again and again this year by the support you have given us, each other and your young people. When we decided at Reunion that we would move towards a general “Everyone In Tents” goal, it struck us that there are those that have no choice but to be in tents. So…

Draft version of the framed Limited Edition Set

We’ve mocked up a framed set of a 2018 Blue, Silver and Gold badges (see above), and we’ll be auctioning this incredibly limited edition set for charity.  We’ll publish the final frame when Crayons has worked her magic, for the backgrounds.

Yes, we said that we’d only give Golds to those that earn’t them, but we’re hoping you’ll forgive us this indulgence as it’s for good causes. The Good Causes in this case will be DePaul & Shelterbox, both of these organisations provide support to those who really shouldn’t be in tents, at any time of the year.

We hope you’ll support our auction, we’ll try and put up a Donate Page as well, for those who would like to join us in supporting these good causes. Watch out for when this auction goes live, in the coming days.

New Team Members

We’re delighted when people join us to share the load, particularly as we’re now an official Active Support Unit on Compass and everything.

First up we have Leigh P, and Ang H, who have worked on the Cubs badge criteria, and will be promoting the expansion of Damboree  to Cubs, and Cub Leaders, so please support them as best you can as they have a tough gig.

We also have Louise B. joining us, who has agreed to be our Count de Money (BeanCounter/Treasurer) , please welcome Contessa to the team, her job is very tough, as Ben K and Stuart B will want to spend money on cool stuff.

Outstanding Gold Orders

We know there are still some of you waiting for Gold badges, we’re currently waiting a restock from our badge partner, Karuna Badges, and they should be with us in a couple of weeks. That will enable us to complete all outstanding orders. if you HAVEN’T received your badge yet, and haven’t seen the new process for ordering badges please check this Facebook post.

Thanks for your continued patience.

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