Current Front Man, Stuart, as part of his Milton Keynes Scouts role, has been working with Online Scout Manager behind the scenes, piloting the new Campsite Booking add-on that OSM has been developing over recent months. Whilst Ed & Co are getting it ready for a more public release, he’d like to say “It’s really rather good”, and he is looking forwards to taking it before our Exec in a couple of weeks.

The ethos behind this has been to make bookings easier to make, and easier to manage for campsites and Scout halls.

This common ethos of being disruptive and removing barriers to scouting, and in this case camping, is a natural shared goal, and a casual conversation has led to Ed Jellard agreeing to further support Damboree by sponsoring the Gold Badges for 2020.

Unlike other sponsoring opportunities in Scouting, we won’t be adding the OSM logo to the Gold Badge, not enough room, and the writing would end up being 1pt! But they will be included on certificates, promotional bumph etc. as part of this engagement.

Must get our Countessa to send him an invoice!

The Damboree Team is grateful to Ed, and the rest of the Online Scout Manager Team for supporting us in this manner, helping promote the Nights Away Permit Scheme in the UK & British Scouting Overseas, and #EveryoneinTents amongst Scouts globally.

If you would like to take part in Damboree 2020, please fill in our registration form, anyone registering before the end of 2019 will get a Damboree Torch when they order their badges for the event.

If you would like more information about getting your Nights Away Campsite Permit (UK & British Scouting Overseas) contact your District Nights Away Team.

Internationally have a chat with your local training organisation about how you can get to a position to take your young people camping. We’re happy to work with Scouting organisations across the globe to promote camping for Young People.