During 2021 there was a number of Nights Away Experience trials held within the Squirrels programme, and whilst the feedback has been broadly positive we await the decision on whether Squirrels will be able to enjoy the Nights Away element of Scouting.

We’ve had a number of requests to include Squirrels within Damboree as many Groups & Districts are organising Damboree events and are inviting Squirrels along for the day to to learn about and experience camp life, which is something we are very keen on, as you can imagine.

On that basis we have designed some interim badge criteria to support that. The criteria are subject to change pending the formal outcome of the trials, which we very much hope will be in support #SquirrelsinTents. These badges are available from our online store.

Red Badge Criteria

Complete 2 OPTIONS & all of the ESSENTIALS section

– [ ] Help put up a tent
– [ ] Collect wood and help build a fire
– [ ] Tie a knot
– [ ] Cook on a fire (e.g. twists or s’mores)
– [ ] Find out how Squirrels live in the wild
– [ ] Start your own camp blanket
– [ ] Take part in a brand new adventurous activity with your Drey

ESSENTIALS – Do ALL of these
– [ ] Visit a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Group Camp

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