Damboree Hero Necker/Occasional Badge (not for General Sale)


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This Hero Badge is the necker badge for the Damboree Active Support Unit in recognition of those adults across the country, through our District In Name Only Active Support Unit, who’re there to support leaders with Nights Away and Damboree topics, pointing you in the right direction to get things resolved, and support leaders in breaking down unnecessary barriers to getting #EveryoneInTents.

It is also reward for recognition in supporting Damboree and its aims, who wouldn’t naturally be eligible for a Silver or Gold,such as a particularly supportive individual who has helped break through barriers. local rules to enable Beavers, Cubs and Permit applicants to¬† camp, and be assessed.

More information on how to nominate someone as a Damboree Hero will be coming later this year, but for the moment this is here so the Damboree Team can manage the inventory.

Joining the Damboree ASU is a commitment to supporting the delivery of Damboree, and enabling/supporting local Damboree events, collecting feedback, writing content and helping us spread the message supporting those who support the Nights Away Scheme, wherever they are.

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Dimensions 60 × 70 × 2 mm

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