Not just news, but News delivered.

We know not everyone see our posts on social media, some groups move to fast, so we are taking the opportunity to revamp our newsletter service, and you know, send some news.

We appreciate that Social Media has its place, and we would not exist without the facilities of those major Networks.

BUT…’s important Damboree is able to reach it’s audiences, and as much of that potential audience as possible, and we appreciate not everyone does social media.

So…. we’ve re-activated our newsletter software, dusted it off, found the manuals and we’re sending everyone who had previously subscribed a note asking them to confirm they still want our news, hopefully they will say “Yes!” and not “Who’re you again?”.

If you aren’t getting our news, but want our news, please subscribe using the form below, and our news will wing it’s way to you periodically, our aim is monthly, however depending on whether there is something REALLY cool we want to share, it might be more often.

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