* From 2020

For 2020 we’re adding Scouts to the Damboree family, for very much the same reasons we added Cubs for 2019, to get #EveryoneInTents, and to encourage and support leaders going for the Campsite Nights Away Permit (UK). We soft released our Damboree Scouts Badge Criteria late last week, we’re now formally announcing them to the world:

  Complete 5 OPTIONS & all of the ESSENTIALS section
- [ ] With others, pitch and strike your tents on the event, including kitchen/storage as well as sleeping.
- [ ] Be part of a group of Scouts to arrange and set up a well-organised site. It should include sleeping tents, food and equipment stores, a fire or stove, kitchen and eating area.
- [ ] Explore the environment of your camp and make sure you know where everything is. Respect the environment you are in and, at the end of the camp, leave the site as you found it. Take steps to reduce any harm to the environment.
- [ ] Show how to use an axe, saw AND knife safely, setup an appropriate area for this activity.
- [ ] Build a bivouac and sleep in it for the entire event, ensure your creation is robust and secure enough to last.
- [ ] Paracord stuff; Be creative and teach others different techniques, eg woggles, brackets, keyrings etc.
- [ ] Plan and run a wide game for the event, at least 2 hours of activity.
- [ ] Take an active part in a Campfire or other entertainment, including laying and tending to the fire and ensuring it is well controlled.
- [ ] Lead and run the cooking of an entire meal for the event. Understand the importance of food hygiene and a balanced diet and how that can work at camp.
- [ ] Invite Asst County Commissioner (Scouts), County Nights Away Adviser, or Damboree Team Member (Active Support Unit) to your Damboree Event.

ESSENTIALS - Do ALL of these
- Sleep 2+ nights as part of a Troop, Group, District or larger event or on a Nights Away Passport
- Create a free standing Damboree sign or camp gateway using pioneering skills and materials.
- Post pictures, or it didn’t happen, to Facebook using #DamboreeScouts, #ScoutsCamp, #EveryoneInTents, & #SkillsForLife_SucceedsWithScouts

The Damboree Team considered these back and forth for a while, in various carnations, but we think these build on what’s expected from Cubs, and once again we want people to share their Damboree adventures through social media to inspire others to go camping, or get permitted (UK) to take young people camping.

If you would like to take part, we have a registration form (below) which helps us plan the logistics of badge ordering.

Scout Leaders taking out a Campsite Permit and being assessed on their Damboree Event will be eligible for the Damboree Gold Badge.