Mother Nature 0 : 1st Portlethen Beavers 1

Over a year ago, 1st Portlethen Scouting Group managed to recruit some brand new leaders (some of whom had been scouts when they were younger) for a new Beaver Colony. Having started out with 9 Beavers, it has continued to…

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Damboree by Numbers Update

As we head into the Summer break, now the dust has settled after Focus Weekend, it’s time to catch up on some of the boring bits before the Milton Keynes District AGM in September (We’re an Active Support Unit hosted…

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Damboree Global Expansion!

With the exciting news (To us at least) that Scouts Canada are promoting Beavers Camping as part of their updated Canadian Path, we’ve had a request to ship some Damboree Badges to Canada, as part of one Group Commissioners efforts…

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1st Crookham Beavers Spring Camp Damboree

So, we thought ‘lets do a two night camp, how hard can it be, and the second night is supposed to be easier’ (so everyone says). Planning started, dates were set.
Then it dawned on us….