One interesting thing Current Front Man, Stuart, has to do is produce stats. He likes producing stats. He also likes talking about himself in third person, but we digress.

In theory Nights Away Permits, Gold Badges, should be a Law of Diminishing Returns, as the more successful Damboree gets, the more Nights Away Permits are issued, but then you get a peak, as all those who want them, have got them. So only new leaders need encouragement.

So, in 2018, we issued approximately 200-230 Gold Badges for permits, exclusively for Beaver Leaders. Figures are approximate, because, well, err…we didn’t expect to need to carry on doing it, so we didn’t capture the data as well as we could have.

Damboree’s Ray presenting Dan with his Gold

Here we are in October 2019, and having just had a flury of Gold orders come thought I looked at the sales figures for Golds.

This year we have sent out 66 Gold badges to new permit holders, which is fabulous, but we’ve also sent out Golds to 6 new Nights Away Advisers.

We expect that to increase as the 2019 cycle draws to a close, we still have 14 orders waiting for Permits to go onto Compass!

The Damboree Team would like to thank all those Nights Away Advisers out there, and especially those who did the 66 assessments, the District & County Nights Away Advisers are the key mentors and coaches in their areas to support, advise and validate Nights Away Permit applicants. So if you are of a mind, take a moment to thank your local Nights Away Team.